Welcome Bonuses for VR Casinos

Online casinos have various incentives to attract and keep players. They come in different forms with varying terms to them. The welcome bonus is among the most popular of them all in the UK. It can be used to help you play the games longer and depending on your luck; it can help you win too.

These welcome bonuses are also referred to as sign up ones. They are incentives that an online casino offers to gamers for them to sign up. The best are usually received when a player registers a new account and makes a deposit to the casino of his/her choice. Many casinos offer such bonuses with different terms attached to them.

Are Casino Welcome Bonuses Worth It?

In most instances, when gaming and placing bets, it takes some time to build up your winnings or hit the jackpot. Fortunately, with casino offers, you can get there even faster especially if you are an avid player on your PC or Mobile.

Players are bound to multiply their initial deposits with welcome bonuses if they choose them correctly and it helps players stay in the game longer. Different casinos have different terms to their bonuses, but there are some that allow you to withdraw what you have won when you meet their wagering requirements.

Welcome Bonus Types

There are various types out there. Here is an outline of three of the best:

  1. Cash Match Bonus
    Cash match is the most popular form because it is the one that most casinos offer. Gaming platforms often advertise it as ‘free.’ Free is just a word used to trigger your attention though it is not as ‘free’ as they put it out to be. You must put in some amount of money depending on what makes you comfortable. The more you deposit, the more you acquire for your payout. However, the money you gain is solely dependent on the site’s match percentage. It varies from one platform to the other.
    An example:
    If a site’s match percentage is 50% and you deposit $100 you get a match of 50% of 100 which is $50. So you will end up with $150.
    Due to competition, other platforms offer 100% deposit while others offer 150% which means that using the same example of $100 deposit you will end up with $200 and $250 respectively.
    There are many virtual casino welcome bonuses out there, and it is important to read the terms and regulations associated with these offers.
  2. Staggered cash match bonus
    This type may give you a higher percentage when you deposit more money.
    An example:
    If you deposit $100, you get a 50% match promotion, and if you deposit $200, you get a 200% match offer.
    Some websites even give players a staggered cash match which can persuade you to make more than one down payment.
  3. Make your bonus
    It varies with the amount of money you put down. However, casinos require a minimum amount of money to cash in it. Additionally, it has a timeline in which you can play with the credit you earn. You will need to make the most out of the time you have with the free money by playing on any of the machines or games the casino offers. The amount of money that you win within that period is your welcome bonus.

Fortunately, even if you do not make any winnings, most casinos will end up giving you a consolation prize.

The Best Way to Find Worthwhile Coupon Codes

1. Look around for as many of them as possible.

The number of sites offering welcome bonuses is very many, and as a result, you should never settle for the first one that you come across. Shop around and take into consideration the terms that are attached to each welcome bonus before settling.

  • Keep an eye out for the offer percentage and payout
    It is essential to look out for the bonus match rate that various casinos offer. Some are more than others, and the terms also differ. Ensure that while comparing bonus percentages, you also check the maximum amount of money you can receive and or withdraw if you do make a deposit.
  • Compare terms and wagering requirements
    Once you do get your bonus, it is often not possible to immediately retrieve the money. Players need to meet the platform’s wagering requirements before they are allowed to withdraw real money. As such, it will benefit you if you read the fine print before committing to any welcome bonus.
  • Games that contribute to wagering requirements
    When gambling, make sure you know which games contribute to the wagering requirements since not all of them do. Always check how much each game provides.

2. The Bonus is not a Must

A player may like a particular casino, but they may have a bad deal on their welcome bonus. You may not want to stress yourself out with the wagering requirements. Just remember that whatever the circumstance, the welcome bonus is not compulsory, so you do not have to take it.

3. Use your Own Money to play first

Some casinos offer the player the option of playing with their own money other than using the promotions they offer. If you are lucky, you may win a lot of money before using up your bonus. Some casinos allow players to withdraw those winnings regardless of meeting the wagering requirements. If you do win, choose to withdraw your winnings and give up your bonus.

The Most Important Things to Remember about Welcome Bonuses Offered by Onlinecasinos:

  • Definition: They are incentives that an online casino offers to gamers for them to sign up.
  • Worth: They can multiply player’s initial deposits.
  • Types: Cash match, staggered cash match and making your bonus.
  • How to find them: Look around for as many of them as possible; the bonus is not a must, use your own money to play first.

These key factors will help you understand welcome bonuses and also improve your gambling lingo knowledge.