No Deposit Bonuses for VR Casinos

When you log into an online casino site for the first time, you will see dozens of different offers: “No deposit bonus, match, welcome, cashback bonuses, free spins, and even unicorns are waiting for you! No download needed!” These can be surprising (even frightening) for a beginner. But all of these are mandatory promotions that the casino has to implement in order to compete. Unlike land-based casinos, competition in the online casino sector is very complicated, and customer loyalty is very low. You can visit dozens of online casinos in a few minutes without having to travel. They all try to encourage you to become a member of their website. Bonus offers, in this respect, have great preemption. All of them offer something “free” for you in exchange for becoming a member and let’s admit it: We like all free things. One of these things offered is the free “money”.

That’s right, online casinos give you free money for playing games. This offer is unique to new members and is also known as the welcome bonus. But it is not enough on its own: It can only be used once. In other words, it is insufficient to earn the loyalty of the customer. At this point, promotions such as match bonuses will come into play. Such campaigns encourage the customer to make a deposit and continue playing games at the casino.

What Is No Deposit Bonus and Why It Is Important?

No deposit bonus (ndb) is simply a kind of cash-in of a certain amount of money to your casino account for your membership. Become a member, get free money – that’s it. Let’s say the promotion is like this:

“10 USD no deposit bonus + 25 Free Spins”
It is possible to see a similar ad in most casinos. The numbers and ratios may vary, but the offer itself is always the same. Let’s explain it separately:

  • 10 USD no deposit: If you become a member, your account will be deposited with 10 USD. You do not need to deposit any money. It is possible to play games with this amount and earn real money. However, as we will explain below, there are some additional conditions.
  • 25 Free Spins: This offer is usually available as an addition to the promotion, and can be seen in casinos that offer a lot of slot machines. In some cases, the number of free spins can be up to 200. If you like slot games, you should opt for these additional promotions.

So, is it that easy to use this bonus? Are they actually crediting your account with money for being a member?

Yes, they really give you free money. However, there are some additional conditions:

  • This offer is only available once and is only specific to new members. Once you spend the money, you have to make a deposit in order to continue playing games.
  • The system is very tightly controlled. You will not be able to use the bonus multiple times by registering from different e-mail addresses. Otherwise, your IP address can be blocked and you may be added to a “black list”.
  • Some casinos may require additional conditions to deposit the money. For example, filling out a questionnaire, playing a simple game, etc.
  • You cannot withdraw this money. You can only use it to play games. Moreover, the games you can play may be restricted by the casino.
  • You can withdraw the profit you earn by using this money. However, for this to happen, you must first bet a certain amount. This is called the “wagering limit” and usually has a ratio of x30 – x40. So if you got $ 10 free, you need to make a $ 300-400 bet before you can withdraw your earnings.

10 dollars is shown as an example, it is possible to find offers of 20, even 30 dollars. As noted above, the no deposit bonus is not enough to achieve customer loyalty alone. It must be supported by a promotion such as a match (deposit) bonus. The match bonus means that the money you put is matched by the casino at a certain rate. For example, a rate of “200%” means that if you put 20 USD into your casino account, you will get additional 60 USD. You must evaluate the ndb and the match bonus together. Because, using both, it is possible to get a starting capital of hundreds of dollars.

So… What Is Virtual Casino No Deposit Bonus?

Places hosting games that support VR gaming glasses are called virtual casinos. These games work with the help of an app and provide a three-dimensional environment. The explanation we give above is also valid for these. So, you get free money to play VR games in exchange for becoming a member. However, you can get higher figures. For example, you can get up to $ 20 in a “classic” promo, while you can get almost $ 50 in VR no deposit promotions. (You can also find additional campaigns by using the virtual casino coupons.) The number of places that support this technology is very few, but it is increasing day by day.

How to Find VR Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

It may be hard to find no deposit codes for virtual casinos – this technology is not that common as we have mentioned above. For this reason, most coupons and code sites will not work. However, by following our website, you will be able to access all VR casino promotional codes. Our experienced team regularly follows the most advantageous codes and the best campaigns. Do not forget to visit our site often because VR casino bonus codes are short-lived and constantly changing. Whether you are visiting from the UK or any other place in the world, we always have an exclusive code to offer to you.